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Quasicrystals Discovery Earns 2011 Nobel Prize

Quasicrystals revealed atoms in a nonrepeating, mosaic pattern thought to be scientifically impossible; this discovery was made possible by what we now consider the tools of nanotechnology. (Learn More >>)

Nanoparticles lift, drag, and release cargo

The successful remote manipulation of nano-swimmers could enable drug delivery, water purification, and bioharzard detection. (Learn More >>)

A New World Record

Chemists at Tufts University in Boston, Mass. are submitting their work to Guinness World Records after creating the world's smallest motor, composed of a single molecule and measuring just one nanometer across. (Learn More >>)

Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny

Just how small is the nanoscale? Our chart illustrates the size of the nanoscale relative to other everyday objects. (Learn More >>)

Today's Puzzle

What do medieval stained glass windows and the 17th century Sword of Damascus have in common? Nanotechnology! (Learn More >>)

Graphene Possibly Detected in Space

This discovery could hold clues to the development of life on Earth. (Learn More >>)

Head of the Class

Search our database for hundreds of the NNI's greatest accomplishments in nanotechnology. (Learn More >>)

Nanotechnology Headed to Jupiter

The NASA spacecraft, Juno, has nanotechnology-enabled shielding to prevent build up of electrostatic charge on key engine components. The protective shields are made of sheets of carbon nanotubes manufactured by Nanocomp Technologies, Inc. (Learn More >>)

Back to the Basics

Whether you are new to nanotechnology or looking for a refresher course, this page will help round out your knowledge of the fundamentals of nanotechnology. (Learn More >>)

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